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Lets talk about music here. Anything that pertains to music you might find here. From bands to album reviews, if your lucky you might read something interesting. Peace! spread the music!
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Last one

Okay, I almost forgot that I still needed one last blog. hmm, I really don’t know what to write about this time. All I can say is that One by one all of our requirements are getting done and that we could now finally welcome our sembreak. Just a little more patience and were there! Hope my grades come out fine though.

Well, that’s about it. Maybe someday I might open up this account again. I’m really not into blogging so, yah. Bye for now!

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Just a couple more to go

Almost done with every requirement that needs to get finished. After all of this, sembreak is here!! I really need this 3 to 4 weeks to unwind from all the stress that I got from this semester. Well I hope the following semester wont be a pain in the neck as much as this semester.

Well, currently preparing for our last defense. Why not listen so some good music to start of your day? Press the link and poof!


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Post Hardcore at its finest. Indeed Closure in Moscow has brought the post hardcore scene into another level. With insane breakdowns to sick vocal melodies. Closure in Moscow, one of the bands that keeps the music scene fresh, with new sounds that will give your ears eargasm! 

Have a listen if you dare. ;) 


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We Are The In Crowd recently released a new album Best Intentions from Hopeless records. Rumor Mill is the first single out from the album. Its your usual alternative/punk/pop rock sound, just what your looking for if you want something aggressive but at the same time you want to relax.

I haven’t yet heard the whole album, but with the three songs that I’ve heard, it seems you wont be disappointed with getting the album. Nice drum beats that compliments the guitar riffs and off course how could I forget Taylor Jardines sweet voice!

Best Intentions from the We Are The In Crowd is an album worth listening to. :D

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just four more to go….

its still four more games that san beda needs to win then its sweet victory again. Ill drink to that.

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Wheres them haters?

Before the last game between beda and baste, them haters always say that san beda cant beat baste without an “import”, but after yesterdays game they cant say nothing anymore.

Haters where you at?!

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Two more exams and two more papers to go! and then boom! the long awaited sembreak is here!

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Bedan pride

Yesterday was the final game of the eliminations of the ncaa between the San Beda Rel Lions and the San Sebastian Stags. Both me and my father wanted to watch the game but both of us had obligations to pursue. Even tho we both know the outcome of the game, here we are both watching the replay.

Animo San Beda!

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ignorance is your new best friend?

Nope its not the paramore song, it just really annoys me when people get ignorant on things that aren’t supposed to be. Somehow there are people that really don’t know how to listen when people are talking, that is why stupidity or ignorance strikes them. It really makes me laugh when in the end those ignorant people see their mistakes.

having the last laugh is always the best. >:)

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Advertising Plan.

Currently working on an ad plan here at coffee bean trinoma as a final requirement in one of our subjects. A few moments ago there was two persons here that was also somewhat making a marketing campaign for a certain product. I said to myself I hope that one day I would also be like them and creating marketing plans or advertising plans for companies. Just three more semesters and I hope that I could land a good job as I get my college degree.

I hope that I could work at music companies or something that is related in the music industry. ;)

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